Latex Self Levelling Screed London - About Us

Screed is a mixture of sand and cement, which is used to form a level surface when constructing floors. It can be used for multiple reasons. Including: levelling the floor surface to create a base layer that finishing materials can be laid on top off, such as: wooden flooring or ceramic tiles. It is also used to encase underfloor pipes being used for heating, or it can be left as a contemporary modern floor finish. It is commonly laid on top of an existing concrete base, a damp-proof membrane or floor insulation. 

Concrete screed is used in many London buildings, for projects involving: flooring and roofing, underfloor heating and floating floors. Screed consists of a mixture of sharp sand, cement and water. The ratio of these components in the mixture needs to be precise and can vary depending on what the screed is being used for. Our experienced screeders determine what ratio of ingredients will be needed depending on each individual job. For each of our London clients, whether we are using sand screed, cement screed or concrete screed, the ratio of components is determined precisely by our screeders, calculated to ensure the mix is the correct ratio. 


Our Screeding Process

When working on a project, the majority of our conscientious screeders arrive with plenty of time to go over the floor measurements, check the amount of screed is sufficient, and to set up pumps. When our screeders are working around a doorway or the base of the stairs, they use multiple tripod levelling gauges, placed at various points on the floor. Using this method allows for the level of the finished floors to be a consistent depth.

Our screeders use the most modern, flowable screed systems available, saving both time and money during our projects. Concrete screed has to be allowed to dry naturally, the time this takes depends upon the temperature and other weather conditions within the project environment. After 4 days the site can be opened to foot traffic and light vehicles onto the site. Then the site can be fully open and traffic can drive on it after 7 days.

Why Use a Sand Screed


Many London projects use ready mixed cement screed on flooring and roofing,  you know it has the exact ratio of ingredients and it gives excellent cement spreading properties and a balanced structural strength across the whole floor or roof. When specialised jobs require in situ or suspended concrete floors, our screeders use cement and sand screed, as it can be used in floating constructions and over heat insulation, where it gives acoustic and excellent thermal properties. For our floor screed projects, our professional screeders make floor screed that is a mixture of sharp sand and cement and water , which is known as a sand and cement screed. This cement can be more costly but it is worth paying extra for the quality of the screed. 

Latex Self Levelling Screed London, is a leading London company in expert screed work, we only use quality materials,  and a one part cement to three to five part sharp sand mix, for our floor screed. This  ensures a professional, uniform screed finish every time, which is what our London clients have come to expect from our screeding services. This is what makes us stand out from other screeding companies. Our screeding contractors know the necessity of a level  smooth base floor when laying laminate, vinyl or tile flooring. We work closely and keep in close contact with our London customers and architectects, making sure the results are as required and our customers are happy